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30th July 2014

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someofgodstears said: I'm curious. My session has a Knight of Blood (A little like Karkat, only not so violent), a Maid of Void(Shy except to Blood usually), a Witch of Breath (Girly and Cutsy), a Seer of Time (An ass, clever, knows how to annoy Blood), a Thief of Space (Bitchy. Best friends with Blood), a Rogue of Rage (Really into weapons, knowledgeful), a Heir of Light (Cute, annoying, can be an ass.). Could you analyze it for us? Would you also be able to analyze possible relationships as well?

Hi!  Zuko Here!

Knight of Blood –

The Knight of Blood is forever done with your shenanigans.  Or so they say.


[Or So Help Me]

A Knight of Blood does not deal in shenanigans like some Rogues I could mention.  They only deal with cold, hard reality, and how far they bend that reality until it breaks.  This passive ability gives them an innate sense of the most persuading form of conversation towards whoever they might be talking to.  This might translate to shouting, cajoling, or gentle encouragement. 


The Knight of Blood will have a natural disposition towards helping other people act like themselves, without any pretension, but will have trouble doing it themselves.

However Knights hold a façade over their true character, which is trouble for a Blood Hero, who is supposed to be open and expressive.  The goal of this Hero is to be able to let their true character shine through.

Team Influence:

If there’s one thing Blood is good at, it’s making friends in unexpected places.  I imagine they will be good friends with the Maid, the Thief, and even the Heir, along with everyone else on the team.  They will have to be the mediator, be the bridge that brings estranged team members back to the whole.  Be the friend they deserve, and the one they need.

Also, the Knight might be the vice-leader, helping out the Witch of Breath.

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25th June 2014

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Anonymous said: Pssst Mages drool, Pages rule, spread the word


the words are on a page. *sets lighter to page and it burns*.

whoops looks like mages are going to be the hottest forever

First of all, how dare you.

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13th June 2014

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Happy 6/12 to you Trolls out there!

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10th June 2014

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The Power of a Destroyer of Time

My friend and I got into a heated debate over what my power as a Prince of Time would be, I proposed that I could technically travel much faster if I destroy the time that it take me to go from point A to point B without affecting the game session too much. My friend was too cautious about that and forbid me from using my power for such trivial thing. So please enlighten me on my power?


Ah, yes.  The old “with great power comes great responsibility” debate.  After all, God Tiers are immensely powerful beings with powers that can shake the very foundations of reality.  Our abilities are capable of destroying massive planets, manipulating entire civilizations, controlling complex minds.  The consequences of a God Tier misusing their powers can affect entire universes, and can define the paths of countless worlds. 

Which is why I cannot stress enough that you need to goof off with your crazy magic powers AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE.

Honestly, one of the best ways to learn how to understand your Aspect is to utilize in small, seemingly trivial ways.  Are you a Hero of Space?  Teleport everywhere.  Hero of Breath?  Fly upside down, and mess up your friend’s hair-dos.  Hero of Void?  Scare people by appearing out of nowhere.  These sorts of shenanigans can also reap you massive [role-playing] bonuses if attempted with the right motivation.  For example, a Rogue of Space would be considerably stronger if she were to prank her friends now and again by teleporting their shoes to a hard-to-reach place.  Such petty uses of your Aspect can actually help increase your stats if done in the correct manner.

 Basically, you can use your Aspect in almost any manner you choose, as long as you can justify your Class being likely to do so.  The Prince of Time is, by definition, a destroyer of Time.  However, he is also a destroyer of entropy, destiny, and inevitability.  So yes, you could move at near-instantaneous speeds by destroying the time it takes to get to point A to point B.   And to prove my point, I will now back it up with cold, hard physics.

                                    Velocity = Distance / Time

By decreasing time, you increase velocity.  They are inversely related, so any change in one will result in an opposite and equal change in the other.  It’s a Kinematic Equation.

So yes, breakneck speeds are a thing.  But you can do so much more than that.  You can heal wounds or erase events by destroying the time in which they took place.  You can destroy unfair destinies and allow people to choose for themselves.  You can even change the Alpha Timeline by clipping away unpleasant bits here and there.  The powers you hold are limited only by your ability to justify them to SBURB’s [role-playing] system.

And really, what’s the point of having time powers if you can’t use them to shoot down a Slip n Slide at Mach 7?

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30th April 2014

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thomas820-deactivated20140529 said: Pros and cons of a Page of Space?


-no pros
-you look like robin if he had a goth phase
-you taste like disgusting liquorice
-the panties give you the worst wedgie ever
-your cape is not even big enough to be a blanket

Wow, rude.

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13th April 2014

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Anonymous said: Alright! I've got a Knight of Space, Witch of Time, Maid of Breath, and Rogue of Life. How's it looking?

Looking oh so fine, doll face.

Knight of Space-


We should just rename SBURB as “Everybody Loves the Knight of Space.”

Because that’s basically all it’s about.

The Knight is an upstanding citizen, stalwart companion, excellent friend, and a bit of a sneaky jerk.  They are very well-rounded skill-wise, but have a massive workload. 


Of course, the Knight has the teleportation abilities that all Space Heroes have.  However, the Knight is particularly adept at utilizing this ability in battle.  They can zip back and forth around the enemy, striking and teleporting in one smooth movement.  If used properly, this ability can make it almost impossible for opponents to land a direct hit on you.  Not only this, but the Knight can increase their momentum, speed, force, and density, making them very formidable opponents, even without their trademark “Flash Step” maneuver.

The Knight of Space also often utilizes the [Space Rave] ability as a distraction/dramatic entrance.  Oh man, that’s easily in my top ten favorite special abilities in Sburb.  It does exactly what you think it would.


The Knight has the unique disposition of exploiting their Aspect in ways that most other Heroes would never even consider.  Knights have a knack for bending the rules, and bending them well

Unfortunately, this mindset has a serious consequence. 

Oh geez, how do I put this…. Well, the first thing you have to understand is that Aspects are a lot more self-aware and intelligent than most people think.  They have unique personalities, and unique relationships with all the other Aspects.  And they are very sensitive.  Oh my gosh, they are such divas.  Aspects hate having their feelings hurt, and wow, they are vengeful.  Most Heroes have to forge an understanding with their Aspect’s personality, and learn more about what makes their Aspect tick.

Knights don’t do that in the slightest. 

The Knight learns how to exploit their Aspect like a conman in Vegas on a Tuesday, not how to connect with it.  Knights will cheat, steal, and blatantly exploit game-mechanics to further their own ends.

So the Aspect sulks.

It simply refuses to show up in the Session.  The Aspect does the bare minimum it can get away with in any given situation, and drags its feet when the Knight tries to command it.  In order to utilize their Aspect to the greatest degree, a Knight must fulfill a very unique role.  The Knight must earn their Aspect’s respect.  They have to make the Aspect so impressed that they can’t help but, at the very least, grudgingly respect the Knight.

This is especially unfortunate with a Knight of Space, given how important the Space Aspect is to a Session.  It should go without saying that if you want to make a healthy universe, you need Space’s cooperation.  At least Space isn’t quite as big a drama queen as, say, Light. 

Space has a bit of a zen thing going on.  At least, it tries to.  It’s not very good at being zen.  Probably because Space is constantly subjected to paradoxes, infinite loops, and various other things that mess with the poor, poor, fragile fabric of reality.  I mean, is it really necessary to turn the universe into your own personal M.C. Escher painting every time you need to solve a simple puzzle?  I’m talking to you, Void Heroes.

Anyway, Space tries to be calm, but has a biiiit of a short temper.  Most Sessions with a Knight of Space will be unusually small.  That means that you’ll have less distance between you and Skaia, and can get there very early.  Sounds great, right?  No.  If you activate The Reckoning too early, when the group isn’t even close to ready, you will get pulverized.

Its part of the reason Knights of Space have such a massive workload. They need to really win points with Space, gain trust and reconcile.  Space is a pushover, and she comes around once you get on her good side.  Be nice, and you’ll get a bit more time to prepare and make a very healthy Genesis Frog. 

Yeah, Aspects are basically Tsundere.

“Y-you’re such a baka, Knight-kun!”

Team Influence:

Shoe-in for team leader, right?  Wrong.  The last thing the Knight wants is another responsibility on their plate.  That dubious honor will likely go to the Maid of Breath.  The Knight is the team mommy, though.  This Space Hero will have to try and break through their stony façade to become a shoulder to cry on for the rest of the team.  Good luck with that, bro.

Also, this Knight is the long suffering target of the Witch of Time’s various pranks and tricks.  The Knight almost gives as good as he gets.

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12th April 2014

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The Page is back in town.

Guess who’s back.

Back again.

Page is back.

Tell a friend.

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22nd August 2013

Question with 10 notes

Anonymous said: Would 1/2 scissor-kind be good for a Sylph of Heart?

Ah yes, I happen to be a fan of sharp things in the hands of Sylphs.  Sylphs are often some of the most level-headed people in a Session, so they need to be equipped to deal with some of the more…..unsavory sorts.  

That’s not to say that all Sylphs are quite like that, it just seems to be a consistent trait among most of the Sylph’s I’ve seen in action.  

Anyway, yes, I approve of this weapon for a Heart player especially, because it allows them to get up close and personal with the enemy they are fighting.  The closer a Heart Hero is to their opponent, the more opportunity to activate The Shiny Thing.

For those of you unaware, The Shiny Thing is a big ball of, well, shiny stuff that Heroes of Heart can pull out of just about anything.  It represents the coding that resides within each game abstraction.  Heart players can fiddle with it, and literally change the person or thing they are messing with.  It’s a pretty terrifying ability.

It works better on NPC’s than actual Players, because NPC’s are entirely coding, products of SBURB.  That means that high-level Heart Heroes are capable of completely rewriting NPC’s personalities and statistics. 

The Players, on the other hand, are not pure coding.  The only programming that surrounds Players is their stats and inventory.  Heart players can make only minor changes to other Player’s average stats, and no changes at all to their personality.  

However, using The Shiny Thing on sentient beings is very difficult, and not even God Tier Heart Players can pull it off very well, in most cases.

The most common use of The Shiny Thing is to jack up the stats on a weapon or piece of armor.  It gives Heart players one of the most overpowered abilities in SBURB, by allowing them access to high-level equipment much earlier than usual.  

Which means you can sneak some very interesting attributes into your little 1/2 scissor-kind.  For example, you could program it to extend ten feet in .01 seconds, fooling your enemies into thinking you have only a small dagger, when suddenly BAM they get a scissor tip through the shoulder.  Very effective for dealing with team-killers, which is a sad duty often fulfilled by Sylphs.

Or you could simply max out the strength on your scissor half, astounding enemies with much larger weapons when then find their greatsword being overpowered by such a small blade.  

Yes, I heartily approve of this weapon for a Sylph of Heart.

(See what I did there?)

Stay Safe!

18th August 2013

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Anonymous said: How full is your ask box currently?

Well, according to the positioning of the moon and stars, exactly 220 asks.  

I have completed around 7 Reviews.



It’s going to take a long time to finish all these asks, and I’m thinking about closing the ask box for a while to try and put a dent in that number.  

But I just caaan’t.  I can’t stand closing out possible asks, but I have so many asks to answer.


However, it is fantastic that you guys are so enthusiastic about this! There are some really great and creative adventures that need reviewing!  So fear not!  Reviews will continue!

Stay Safe!

10th August 2013

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Anonymous said: What would be a good strife specibus for a knight of space?

Ok, so people like the weapon suggestion idea! 

Alright, so if you want to have a good weapon, the first thing you need to know is that it really doesn’t matter what weapon you have.  It all depends on how creative and imaginative you are willing to be.

I mean, heck, my Session’s Bard of Doom uses freaking Nerf Guns, for crying out loud. Our Seer of Heart uses a toy Yoyo. And they are devastating with them. 

But if you want a weapon that can be used in tandem with your abilities, than I would normally suggest some type of projectile weapon.  Space powers are especially effective when used with guns, as they can alter the bullets that leave the barrel, becoming unstoppable homing missiles that can track your enemy no matter where they hide.

However, a Knight can’t always afford to have a long-distance weapon.  They need to up there on the front lines, holding the trenches, throwing whatever they have against the enemy.  Knights have to exploit their Aspect in order to win, so an unconventional weapon is usually best.  What I would recommend specifically for a Knight of Space is some kind of long reach weapon, like a giant Scythe.  With the Knight’s Space powers, swinging around something big like that is no problem.

However, if you really want to get tricky, my personal favorite is Chain Kind.  A very long metal chain may not seem like such a good idea, but trust me, it can be devastating with effective use of portals.  By setting up small instant portals, you can create a veritable web of chains, trapping or crushing any opponent.  It would look something like this horrendously watermarked picture.


So those are my suggestions!

I also recommend experimenting, and seeing what best works for you!


Stay Safe!

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